Workers Compensation Coverage Verification


Purpose – No Scripting or Automatic Retrieval

The purpose of this website and Coverage Verification Service is to assist you in determining whether an employer has workers compensation insurance in the state. Coverage Verification Service will provide the name of the insurer that wrote a workers compensation policy for a specific employer on a specific date. Please note that Coverage Verification Service is being provided to you for your personal, non-commercial use only, solely to verify an employer’s workers compensation insurance coverage. Coverage Verification Service may not be used in any other manner or for any other purpose, except as identified herein. Scripted queries and automatic retrieval(s) is/are expressly prohibited.

Limitation of Available Information

If an employer query does not produce any result(s) this may not mean that the employer does not have insurance or is operating in violation of state law. Coverage information may not be available or complete for all employers due to limitations with the policy information. Employer queries should be specific. Open ended queries may not return any results. In the event of excessive queries, you may be prohibited from accessing the information provided under Coverage Verification Service. You may not disable or otherwise work around any restrictions and limitations that may be a part of Coverage Verification Service, such as CAPTCHA. Any attempt to do so is prohibited and will result in you being unable to access Coverage Verification Service. Scripted queries and automatic retrieval(s) is/are expressly prohibited. By clicking "Accept", below, you affirm that you have read and understand the notices and disclaimers on this page.